Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This picky girl needs options!

I'm happy to report that I have finally moved out of my two-bedroom second-floor apartment to a bigger - albeit not by much - place! I now have a basement in which to stick my loooovely brown microsuede couch! As long as it clears the narrow stairway, that baby will be out of plain sight and comfortably situated in the man room downstairs, which makes me very happy. This brings me to my next point: I need to get another sofa to replace it. I know, I should be so joyful. My only issue is that the couch I want is this one:
And purchasing that one would put me out around $2,600. Sadly, I can't spend that much on a sofa and even if I could, I would be stupid buying it anyway as I have two very fabulous small children with sticky hands and snotty noses.

I need a less expensive option. Anyone know where I can find a sofa that has this sort of look but costs less than $1,000?