Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clothing capital

Four years ago, this jacket screamed to me in the store window at Anthropologie. I stopped and turned to the ladies I was with and said, "That is my jacket." I ran in the store and unseen forces led me directly to it. I tried the jacket on and bought it. I might have called Ryan, my brand new husband, somewhere in between, but that was only to inform him that I was making a great investment. No no could talk me out of getting it.

Since then I have quit a job, obtained a new job, graduated from college, retired for a few years, moved across the country, had a baby and spent almost two years as a mom. And I still don the jacket frequently. I have never worn an item of clothing so many times. There are permanent wrinkles at the elbows and I have replaced almost every button, but it is in pretty good shape for the battles I put it through.

Every few months I clean my closet out and throw out as many clothes as I possibly can so I can whine to Ryan, "I have noooo clothes. I HAVE to go shopping." I'm pretty good at ridding my life of old clothes. But I think I might just keep this jacket until it screams at one of my daughters or granddaughters.

Until then I'm looking for a new investment. Some Christian Louboutin pumps maybe? Ryan?
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Karissa Kay said...
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rachel said...

I love this jacket. Remember how I used to always be like, "Is this new?"

I thought at the end of the post you were going to say, and it's time to hand it off... and I was like... gimme, gimme.

Nan said...

Very cute. I thought on your first post whoever said that you were the model was kidding! You have a career in the making... design, model, sell...ka ching!

Kipp and Ashlee said...

Sexy mama!! I love this jacket as well. I would have never known it has so much history!

mckenzie said...

i know. i have since forever been jealous that you got it and i didn't.

hairyshoefairy said...

That really is a fabulous jacket. I'm always on the look-out for a good one and finally found one this last spring. Yours is so you. I love it! And Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores.