Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In a place I love with people I love

My aunt Wendy and uncle Aaron from Utah came out to visit us last week. Wendy lived here years ago when she work on Capitol Hill. The last time she came to visit me here, she had just barely met Aaron. I had never seen her so happy before in my life and I hoped so much that he would be the one. Later that summer, I watched them while on vacation in Bear Lake and knew they were MFEO (figure it out - or go watch Sleepless in Seattle). Wendy is one of my best friends and getting to know Aaron was so much fun. We did so much, including a tour by Ali of the Capitol, so Wendy could re-live her time here. I had my camera at everything. Unfortunately, my SD card was at home, hibernating in this laptop. So I didn't get photos of much. I did, however, remember to grab the card for our Saturday outing to Mount Vernon. So here are a few memories of our fun time with Wendy and Aaron.

We will never get a normal-looking family photo. Ethan is sad that he can't follow those oxen (pictured below). Ryan struggles in the faking-a-smile-department. I am dreaming (eyes half closed) of one day living on grounds and garden like those of Mount Vernon. Growing up in field, with the wilderness as my neighbor makes apartment living less-than-desirable for me. I would kill for the 500-acres of Mount Vernon (and then they would probably kill me).
Washington was friendly enough but the guy taking our pictures was a little pushy ("General Washington doesn't have all day").

I love seeing farm animals this close to the city. So does my kid.
Tree planted by the General himself.
It always disappoints me to be reminded of the fact that the exterior of the mansion is faux stone. The colors of the building's interior walls make up for it, right Wend?

Come visit us again sometime, you guys! We miss you already!


mckenzie said...

seriously love mt. vernon...ryan is applying for an internship at Johns Hopkins this maybe we'll get out there after all. ;) i'll let you know.

Kipp and Ashlee said...

You guys always get to do cool stuff! Don't worry, I think Ryan's force-a-smile is beautiful, and don't you forget it, Ryan! No matter what people say about you behind your back!

(Meg, call me and we'll talk about Ryan's smile).

Anonymous said...

Hey wasn't that the same general washington we saw at the American History Museum?

Krysta said...

I'm so sad that I didn't get to see Wendy! It looks like you guys had a great time though!

Wendy said...

Shedding tears this evening - I find myself wanting to keep thanking you for such a good time!! Have fun on your next vacation!!!! LOVE YOU XOXO