Sunday, May 16, 2010

My husband, the MBA

Ryan has his MBA! Well, technically he still has a month and a half of classes to finish but the good people at George Mason University have faith in him so he received his diploma on Friday.
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I took really crappy photos of the entire event, in part because both kids were sick and crying and I was focusing on them but mostly because I am just a really terrible photographer. I enlisted Ryan's brother Rob to take a few but, believe it or not, he was even worse.

A good friend was going to watch Ruby but, of course, both children fell ill that very day. I couldn't let my kid get her kids sick but I also didn't want to stay home from Ryan's graduation. So I packed the feverish tots up and decided we could handle it. When we showed up at the Patriot Center, however, both kids were screaming. We tried to sit in the seats high up, hoping the elevation could drown out their cries, but we still got quite a few dirty looks. Complicating things further, the ushers forbid me to take my stroller past the entrances to the seats and I was not allowed in the handicap access areas. So we headed outside. And then we walked around the arena at least 10 times. They calmed down finally and I was able to sneak into a handicap area long enough to watch Ryan walk across the stage and to give a yelp when his name was announced. That's really all I wanted to do.
I'm just glad we got a good photo of Ryan - creepy professor style.

He told me not to post about this but I reminded him of how we (as mommy bloggers) are always competing to determine whose man is the smartest, hottest, most service-oriented and gives the best gifts. Well chalk one up for Ryan in the smartie category because now he can add MBA to the ever-lengthening list of initialisms trailing his name ;-).
Seriously though, congrats Ryan!
p.s. Thanks for all of your kind comments on the last post.


Valerie said...

Way to go Ryan! Congrats! I'm sorry it was such a hard day for you with the kids.
I took some crappy photos at Rob's graduation also. Go figure.

Outnumbered said...

yay! congrats!!

Melissa said...

you crack me up how honest you are in the things you write, I love it. So sad the kids were sick, I would've taken them, sick and all! We'd send Van away for an evening! :) Congrats Ryan, we love the creepy photo! And love that he is definitely earning smart husband points in the blog world. Good thing you keep track of that, seriously, why have I not been tallying Jon's hot, creative points in my posts??