Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New York outfit #2

Simple knit maxi dresses and skirts are my new favorite trend. I wore one a few Sundays ago and was more comfortable than I have ever been at church. This is a good thing since my new job at church is the nursery song leader. I am serious. Best calling ever... but it requires a lot of sitting on the ground and getting up and down - "Wheels on the Bus" style. So long skirts are a must for me. Those kids should be thanking me.

I used this latest must-have in my second outfit idea for a trip to New York. I thought this would be a cute and comfy day outfit. And the dress is from Forever21 so it is really inexpensive! There are some at Anthropologie that are nice but cost quite a bit more. I would choose to spend less on the dress so I could spend more on my accesssories (hello, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and Anthropologie booties). I love a big cocoon sweater on top like this one from Piperlime. You could wear the skinny belt on the outside for a more put together look, but I would choose to belt it inside of the sweater for a more youthful look (lack of sleep is really starting to age me :-).
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rachel said...

A. You may have inspired me to buy a maxi dress.
B. Welcome to Utah ;) (Payback for the Uggs, which have been returned to Nordstrom)
C. Love your face.