Thursday, December 11, 2008

Conclusions about Twilight - you knew it was coming

I was one of the thousands of women older than 13 who attended Twilight unaccompanied by their 13-year-old daughter. I might have gone in with low expectations. And yes, I probably subconsciously hoped that I would like this movie.

But seriously, somewhere between the part when Bella cringes at Edward's touch and the moment where Edward calls Bella his "little spider monkey" (we all cringed at that), I took a breath and had two thoughts: first, that I was actually really enjoying myself; and second, that I was never going to utter or blog about that first thought for fear of being parodied on Seriously, So Blessed.

So I'm not going to... really. Other than to say this: I liked it (you can cringe again if you want).

And I may be almost 12 years past my 13th birthday but I think these guys are hotties ;).


Candyce Lewis said...

Glad I am not the only one! I enjoyed the movie more than I expected too. And thanks for the eye candy, those fellas are HOT.

rachel said...

Oh my gosh, I thought the first guy pictured was SO not EVEN attractive. But he is actually good looking with out that brushed out perm pony tail thing he had going on... seriously that was one part of the movie that I hated the most.

the rutledge's- said...

Those pictures are good ones, I hardly recognized the guy in the gap ad. I agree about the spidermonkey part of the movie, I accidentally laughed out loud.

Tyson or Laura said...

I KNEW IT! The first guy in the picture really IS good looking! I kept thinking that he had so much potential in the film and that he was the most attractive one by far.
I laughed at the part when Carlyle walked out of the hospital in his full white (badly applied makeup) glory.