Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I need some advice

I spend a considerable amount of Ethan's nap time browsing the Internet for fabrics. I don't really sew and I am not a quilter. But some fabrics seem to try to entice me to pick up such a skill. Today, for example, the Lush line by Erin Michaels is talking me into learning how to upholster.

I have these chairs that I found at Goodwill for $10 a piece. They are old colonial wood frames with nasty fabric seats and backs and I decided that they would be amazing with a new paint job and some modern fabric. I have a girlfriend (who saw the chairs first, but selflessly let me get them) who says she will help me re-cover the cushions.

I found the above fabric and decided immediately that I would use it to cover these chairs. The only problem is this fabric is not upholstery weight. It is quilting weight. I e-mailed the gal selling it on Etsy and asked her what she thinks I should do. She said I could use it to upholster chairs if I used another, stronger fabric underneath it.

I'm still uneasy. What do you think I should do?

If I ended up going through with all of this, I would use these fabrics to cover couch pillows.


chellie said...

I do occasionally sew, but don't know the correct answer to this. (I know, that doesn't help you at all.) However, I'm not so sure that would work and/or be a simple task. I'd find a good, strong fabric for the chairs (you will find one that goes with what you've already chosen -given time) and use that quilting fabric as coordinating pillows (or something).

Julie said...

I would not use that fabric you really need a heavyweight fabric, a quilt weight fabric will not hold up to all the bottoms that will be sitting on your beloved chairs.

Outnumbered said...

i dont sew much so i have no idea. :( i'm totally jealous of your 10 dollar chairs!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the girls above. Get cute strong stuff!

robin said...

Don't do it. You'll end up redoing them. Quilting fabric will wear out really fast.
How was you guys' Christmas? Did you volunteer at live nativity again (;

Brady said...

I just re-upholstered a couple of chairs that we got at good will also! It was super easy! I was originally going to use the really strong fabric but it was kind of expensive so I went with quilting fabric (i doubled up on it) knowing that i'll have to redo it in a few years. But it didn't bother me because i'm sure in a few years i'll WANT to redo it anyway. And it was so easy, it only took a couple of minutes. Good luck! I can't wait to see them!