Friday, June 11, 2010


a pair of lightly worn black leather oxfords at a secret little thrift shop (shout out to Mystique). sort of wishing they were either patent leather or brown but can't complain because I paid $3. still working up the courage to wear them.

modeled on Ethan :-).


Urban Floral said...

I love them! $3 is a steal, especially considering all the ones like lately are over $100! (Which is why I do not own any.) WEAR THEM!

Kera said...

it's funny because almost exactly a year ago i did a post on these shoes and how i hate the style. now i love it. jcrew has them for over 200 buck. great find.

i might start paying a little more attention to my girls hair for now on btw :)

rachel said...

If my legs were as skinny as yours I would totally rock them. Please do it soon.

Anonymous said...

I love those shoes! I love oxfords!! :)