Monday, June 28, 2010


This kid is currently obsessed with all things Toy Story. He is working toward getting life-sized Woody and Buzz, both of which are currently sitting on the top shelf in my closet. To get Woody down he must participate (don't bug mom) in quiet time for one hour each day for one month. For Buzz, he must sleep the entire night in his own bed for 30 nights. Ethan has a nasty little habit of sneeking into our room at night and climbing into bed with us. We don't seem to notice until I am awakened by Ethan's knobby knees jabbing into my back or by sore muscles which have been unconsiously flexing in order to stay on the bed since the 3-year-old is sprawled out in my spot. I usually wake up in the morning angry when this happens and the rest of the day my mood seems to follow suit. So I bought the toys with him in the cart, let him push the lazor on Buzz's arm all the way home for Target, and then stuck them up in the closet where he can see them (and he goes into my room at least 10 times a day to get a look).

I'm pretty sure I'm a genius because he has now slept in his bed all night for six nights in a row (and we won't mention everything else I have tried to keep him there for the last several months)!

Ethan has become quite the golfer, a product of Ryan's secret plan to have a golfing partner for the rest of his life. I think it's working since every day Ethan tells Ryan they need to "go hit balls at the ranger." This morning Ryan told him that if he took a nap today they could go tonight. He is fast asleep on the couch as I type.
This girl is crawling and we are so happy! For most moms I talk to, crawling is a trial. "That's when it really gets hard," they say, or "it's just so exhausting when they start to crawl." I don't get it. A mobile baby is a happy baby. She just crawls around and gets what she wants instead of whining and crying for something.

She is so happy and funny. Yesterday I let her drink water out of my cup. Of course it spilled all over her. To my surprise, she thought it was so funny and just giggled and giggled. She's kind of wild and loves be thrown up, bounced or hung upside down.

She thinks Ethan is the funniest kid until he gets within a foot of her and then she starts growling and batting her arms in self-defense. Ethan often comes out with scratches on his face but he doesn't complain because he knows he's not supposed to provoke her.

Unfortunately, she takes after me in the stuck-up baby department. She will not go to anyone but me, Ryan and her uncle Rob. She becomes unglued if we are around other people and I am out of her sight for even a second. Apparently I was glued to my mom's hip as a baby too. Sadly, my first word was "don't," and I used that word if people even dared to look at me. We're working on it and hoping to make her become a friendly baby. :-)


mckenzie said...

ha ha ha! i love them! come visit!

Lincoln and Alisia said...

Yay, the toy story 3 method! Perfect solution! You are brilliant!

Anonymous said...

So happy to see them. It's not bribery. It's a reward!