Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A way to keep busy indoors (and another reason to put off cleaning your house)

It is around 100 degrees outside right now (go ahead, roll your eyes, Las Vegas family members) and I decided that we would spend our time indoors today. This is strange for me, as we are at the park almost every morning. We hit up the fabric store instead of the park today. As I thumbed through the patterns, I happened upon these cute ones and bought this first one:

I'm hoping to make two dresses out of that pattern. I didn't buy the second pattern, but isn't that jacket cute? It is so detailed and I worry if I made it, it would look homemade since I am such a novice sewer. But if this heat keeps up, I'll be a pro in no time.

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Taryn said...

i made the first one - love the pattern. but i would suggest trying it out of muslin first. it was huge on me and i had to cut it two sizes smaller than i thought. also..the collar turned out super clowny so i made an easy change. if you like how mine turned out email me and i can tell you how i did it super easy. so excited you are sewing...i love checking out your creations. i love the second pattern. i'll have to pick it up some time.