Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ages ago, I bought this Amy Butler pouf pattern because I planned on making some fun little poufs - or gumdrop pillows - for my future daughter's bedroom (that's how long ago it was). No, I never made them but I am glad I have the pattern now. I may be late in the game, but I am seeing poufs everywhere.

I adore these white leather ones (not to mention that pink couch).
source unknown

I have a lot of different patterns going on in my living room. I need to add a little texture, so I think I will make mine in maybe a teal or green velvet.

Or... I was searching for velvet fabrics and came across this vintage candy apple red. Kind of fun, right?


mckenzie said...

oh yeah! love the red. i want to make one. you'll have to let me know how it goes.

Candyce said...

Post pics when you are done! I have seen a few online Pouf tutorials and they seem complicated. I love them though!

Where do you usually buy fabric online?

Belle said...

I must say, I love the poufs!

Artsy Aut said...

The red velvet is awesome! I love poufs too. You should make them!

rachel said...

I have to say, ever since I was pregnant w Harvey I have LOVED putting my feet up. Poofs will definitely be popping up around my place.