Monday, June 6, 2011

A quick trip to the beach

Last week we traded our Play-Doh and fake sand...

...for the real stuff.

We left the beltway behind and discovered Bethany and Rehoboth beaches. We may have brought home a suitcase full of sand that has since found its way into every little corner in our home (including in between our bed sheets), but it was more than worth it.
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Oh, and we saw dolphins. Unfortunately, this is the only photo I got and it is of only the very tip of one of the dophin's dorsel fins, but I was freaking out. Ryan told me he has never seen me so excited and the poor guy has lived with me for seven years. Of course, photos never accurately depict how near things are, so you have no idea how close these dolphins were to the shore! That was a very happy moment for me and Ethan thought it was pretty cool too.

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p.s. Do you love the too-close-for comfort squeeze shot attempt? Yep, that's the only photo of me on the trip.


mckenzie said...

Oh I miss the beach! We are so glad you are coming out here! Can't wait.

Kera said...

we have been hitting the pool & it's been heavenly. reese has that same little red swim suit. i love it.

Belle said...

Your kids are so cute! Wow, I think it is so exciting to see dolphins or seals in the water.

A & E said...

hey, we've been to rehoboth beach...when we lived in baltimore for a summer w/no ac. it was awesome. and way to go on seeing a dolphin-that's rad.