Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OBX - post-vacation deflation and back

Last week it was cold here in Arlington - like late October cold. My laundry was so backed up, the stench filled my house, I swear. You couldn't tiptoe on my wood floors without feeling the crunch of crumbs or sand underfoot. We ate out five of seven days. I had a nightmare that my unanswered e-mails somehow escaped from my inbox and were climbing all over me (OK, I made that up, but I swear my inbox was bulging). I woke up during a few quiet, black nights solely because the sand in my sheets was scratching my feet.

It's still cool and today's rain makes it even worse.. but my laundry is all washed, dried and folded. My floors have recently been vacuumed. There is food for tonight's dinner in the fridge. I responded to a few e-mails today; I even authored a few this morning. My sheets are crisp and clean!

It always takes me a little over a week to get over the shock of my personal monotony following a particularly awesome vacation. The first few days back, I don't do much. My mind ruminates over the fact that there is little adventure in mommyhood and certainly no more hot sun, waves to push me around and excuses to drink endless Sonic drinks (which, by the way, are disgusting but give me some sort of nostalgic satisfaction).

After seven days at the beach, I was ready to come home; It only took a few hours at home for me to want to go back. So looking at photos of the trip was awesome/painful. I am finally ready to face them and maybe post a few (OK, every single one of them). I can describe our trip all I want, but the photos tell a much better story. Like last year, we had some amazing photographers with us. We are so lucky. I have plenty of my amateur photos to sift through as well. Some people warn about "photo-heavy" posts. This one won't be, but I am not promising anything about any posts following this one.

Anyway, while I was feeling bad for myself last week, I remembered something my friend, Rachel, told me at the beach. I was telling her how I hoped I could find things to look forward to after the vacation and she said she doesn't need things to look forward to; she just tries to enjoy every single moment (said in a much less pretentious way). That's a good outlook, and now that I am back to laundry and preschool and wiping pee off the toilet seat, I am hoping to adopt it.


mckenzie said...

Wow, we must come from the same family. I feel the exact same way after even a weekend of being away from home. Glad you had fun!

nancy said...

Miss you so much and glad you had fun.

rachel said...

Love it. You make-a me laugh.