Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve

We saw Santa three times this year. After he first appeared at our church party early in the month, Ethan turned to me and with a skeptical looked asked, "Is that really Santa?" I told him that the old man with an attached ivory facial hair was just one of Santa's helpers since Santa has sooooo many kids to visit.

A couple of weeks later, Santa rode through our neighborhood on a fire truck and threw candy to the kids. Before his annual ride though, Santa sat in front of the first truck to talk to the kids. Ethan told him what he wanted and, despite that Santa's real dark mustache peaking out from underneath his fake white one, Ethan seemed to be trying to convince himself that this was, in fact, the real Santa. I didn't argue with him.

On Christmas Eve, we decided to head down to the White House and visit the big guy at his special little workshop on the Ellipse. Of course, this time, Santa had a real beard and mustache and these translucent blue eyes. He seemed really exhausted and though I was put off by that at first, I think the kids read that as genuine. Santa is, after all, the busiest man on Earth... at least at this time of year. Ethan even commented on how his beard was really stuck to his face. I think they were convinced this time.

 After seeing Santa, we walked around the National Christmas Tree, which was, sadly, pathetic. It was really nothing more than an enormous shrub weighed down by a net of lights. In the Nation's defense, I believe the real National Christmas Tree is down by the Capitol; but I guess I expected a little more from the Obama family. ;-)

 By far the best Christmas tree was inside the Botanic Gardens, which we visited later that day. The displays there are always amazing. This was the only photo I took, unfortunately, but if you ever visit the District during Christmastime, don't miss this.


Belle said...

Your children are so beautiful. Visiting Santa is always exciting, my kids loved it. Too bad the White House Xmas tree was not all that good. I'd love to visit the Botanic Gardens there.

Julie said...

Love the pics, I think the reason the tree is so small, I'd because the last one blew over in a storm last year and I think they cant transplant a tree bigger than the one they put in. However the light betting could have been done a little more tastefully. I will text you to let you know what we really thought.

mckenzie said...

It's weak when you've been to Temple Square and huge trees are completely wrapped in lights instead of just draped.