Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Elf on the Shelf: Bootchie

Like almost everyone else on this planet, an elf from the North Pole visited our house last month. Ethan named the poor guy Bootchie. Each night in December, Bootchie would go back to talk to Santa and then make the long trip back to our house. Upon arrival, he would get into mischief around our home. The kids caught him more than once in precarious situations; one morning he was holding on for dear life after a tight-roping fall; another time they found him riding on the back of Toothless, our toy dragon. He did all the token elf things like make snow angels in the flour, eat food from the cupboards and play board games with the other toys. 

Some days the kids found him in the same position as he was the day before. The kids were confused but we think he was just too tired that night to get to the North Pole and back so he just stayed. Or I blamed his apparent laziness on the fact that one of the kids touched him (a big no-no) the day before. It definitely had nothing to do with mom being a space case and forgetting about him.

 Of course, the kids most enjoyed finding their noses painted neon pink on Christmas Eve morning thanks to our resident elf. Well, he is no longer a resident. He's back to the North Pole. We hope he comes back next year!


Outnumbered said...

i am so going to remember the painting the nose idea next year. the boys would love that!

mckenzie said...

we'll have to try that next year.

Belle said...

What a wonderful and fanciful idea for your children! They will always remember Bootchie.