Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two points for January

I woke up to a sour-smelling apartment this morning. Seems I tipped over the vinegar under my sink last night. The lid was slightly ajar and the rest is pungent history. So I'm spending my time as far from the kitchen as possible, in my bedroom. I'm sitting here staring at my unmade bed, my floor obscured by clothing and several projects beckoning on the dresser. And I just feel like sitting here. I'm not so sure if I should blame it all on my natural ability to sit on my butt happily, because I'm not really today. But I'm OK with blaming January.


mckenzie said...

hmmmm....sounds very i'm looking at and thinking the exact same things.

Artsy Aut said...

I keep my vinegar under the sink too! I always thought that was weird but now I guess not too weird if we both do it. I do hate that smell though. January is half over, soon we will have february the month of love. But its also the coldest month around here. Hopefully it will be better!

rachel said...

Pretty sure we shouldn't have stayed up past 1... I was cranky today... ask James