Thursday, March 26, 2009

More of the surprise

Julie sent me these photos last night and she definitely captured some of the more hilarious aspects of the party.I have no ability to control my emotions. I came out of it pretty quick, though.
The all-white cake. You will only think this is funny if you watch The Office.
The frosting on the cake before it became all white. My friends labored intensively to get it all off.
These 25-year-old lungs blew those candles all out, by the way. My wish better come true!
The food, brought by many of the partiers, was divine.

This just shows how much I talk about cheap food. Julie knew exactly what to serve at my party: Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers.

The punch was so good that once everyone left, I finished it off with the ladle.


Katy said...

Your hair is SO cute Megan! It makes me want to cut mine!!

CTW said...

I'm so sad to think that you and Ginger are now 25 years old! What happened? Congratulations on being one quarter of a century.

Melissa said...

I'm sooooo sad we couldn't be there! Again, in AZ. :( We were there in thought!