Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another thing that gives me goosebumps

Call me strange, but I think this commercial is so beautiful. It looks pretty, but I am most in love with the words. Does anyone know where they came from? It's kind of Dr. Seussish for adults.

I'm a Chobani girl, but this kind of makes me want to give Fage a try.


mckenzie said...

I really like fage. I like the honey one, although I think it's a bit more work than other mix in yogurt. That is a really cool commercial. I want to know where the words came from too. I kind of think it's original to the commercial.

favoritenic said...

um, just -- um -- wow! really a lovely visual and aural experience.

Jason said...

I am a chobani girl forever and always, until the US figures out that France and Italy know was yogurt really should taste like. Have you ever tried Emmi brand? they have it at Harris Teeter and Eastern Market it is to die for.