Friday, March 18, 2011

Made my day

Yesterday morning, I checked my blog to see if my last post had worked and I was shocked to find a fabulous new header at the top of my blog. Apparently last night, my sister signed into my blog and replaced it! I love it so much that I have checked my blog about 100 times today. Thanks Kenz, you made my day!

In other news, I finally downloaded some photos off of my phone onto the computer and now you all must suffer... the next few posts might be loaded with semi-fuzzy photos from the past few months.

Ruby loves to swing and she doesn't care who knows it.
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Ethan trained to become a Jedi warrior at the last birthday party he attended (my friend Catherine made Jedi robes and light sabers for all the boys at the party) but if you ask him, he will tell you that he is "Dark Vader." I honestly did not tell him to pose like this for the photo.
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mckenzie said...

so does edith. craig can only relate with darth vader also. there's something about the all black and a mask. the mask is the most important part.

rachel said...

K, I was just thinking he looked like the sith lord!

JJ said...

super cute header!

Chelsea said...

I love the Dark Vader pic, and the St. Patty's day pictures are so adorable and fun. Kip told us the other day that he is Daahhhhth Waaaduh, which is precisely how the Danes pronounce it. We were laughing so hard and thinking, "Where is this child from?" Love the new header, too!