Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More photos from the vault

I just deleted about 30 photos of a toy spiderman, taken by my four-year-old. Interest in Angry Birds and Talking Tom only lasts so long and then Ethan usually ends up finding the camera on my phone and shooting away. A lot of the photos are indecipherable or quite blurry, but some turn out and give me a good laugh. I especially loved this series of photos of Ryan and me. Our dorkiness just oozes out of them.

These were taken on Valentine's Day, but they might as well have been taken today. It is so cold tonight and I would bundle up just the same if I went out. I need Spring already!

Is it warm or cold where you are?


mckenzie said...

it can't decide. sometimes it snows, but tomorrow it might be 60. i guess that kind of means it's spring right?

ps i can't see the pictures.

Belle said...

It was cool and then warm. Black clouds, but no rain. I enjoyed it as it is so much better than winter!
I couldn't see the pics either.

rachel said...

I love your braids ;)

Paul or Lindsay said...

65 in Utah today, but going to rain/snow on Sunday and get down to the 30s. What is wrong with Spring?

This is Lindsay Sampson, btw. Didn't want to creep you out. Loving the outfit suggestions since heaven knows I need help these days!

Kera said...

coldish. i'm over it.