Friday, April 1, 2011

La Roux

Ruby is cracking us up constantly. We love this girl, but sometimes have to tiptoe around her since she has a bit of an attitude. We left her with a sitter a couple of weeks ago and when we came back, she just glared at us, like she was so mad. It took about an hour to get her to even smile. She is best at glaring at other people. A kid was acting up behind us in church the other day and she stared the poor guy down.

She is obsessed with Woody and "Melmo." She thinks a lot of things are "fu-y" and when she is extra happy, she shrieks, "Yippee," which I love, but have no idea where she learned it from. She recently learned to say the "K" sound on the end of "milk" and she ends up putting it on other words too, like, "pook."


Rachel said...

We love Ruby! I especially love the hands in her pockets - i was thinking I should teach H to do it. Then she fell w no hands to catch her. Maybe I'll wait till H doesn't fall so much.

Kera said...

i love her cute little pidgin toed walk. my little sis anna used to walk like that and i loved it!
i was not expecting her to crash at the end of the video. poor ruby!

Belle said...

I could watch children for hours they are so precious. She looks so sweet teetering along with her hands in pocket! Lucky, lucky you.

mckenzie said...

funny little chica! i wish she was here to play with us.