Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The teacher

Ethan is full of 4-year-old wisdom and wants to share it with anyone who will listen. Sometimes he embellishes a bit, or makes things up altogether. He is constantly spitting out random facts and often gives little demonstrations on how things work.
"This," he said, picking a leafy thing off of a patio plant, "is what they call lettuce."
He continued, "What you do, is put it on a stick, like this..."
"...and then you wipe things with it." He swept it across the arm of a patio chair. "Now feel how smooth," he said. He repeated the sweeping motion on my arm this time and convinced me that the leaf had somehow made my arm softer.


Julie said...

i did think your skin looked smoother today!

mckenzie said...

smart little man.

rachel said...

He should sell those magnets that people wear to help them with their balance and strength.