Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Practice run

This was the exact face Ethan made as an Easter egg hunt at his friend's b-day party wrapped up. I approached him to see how many eggs he had gathered and came upon a very empty looking basket. I put on my happier than happy face and said in a high, cheery voice, "Good job, E-man!"

He simply looked up at me, put two fingers up in the air and said in a dejected voice, "Two."

He had two eggs. And there had been 600 scattered across the playground to find. His strategy wasn't great. He chased the older kids (with that blinding mask on, no less) and of course, they cleaned up where ever they went. He was just a little too late :-).

I laughed but my heart sort of hurt. My girlfriend, LuAnn, took a few out of her 2-year-old's basket (he had so many that she figured he wouldn't miss a couple) and I went and re-hid them and then waved him that way so he could "find them." He did and seemed much happier after that.

We'll just call that a practice run. I'm hoping he learned a lot because I'm counting on him amassing a lot of loot at the big Easter egg hunt this Saturday :-).


Artsy Aut said...

First I want to say, that is pretty sad. He looks miserable. But also I want to say that is a hilarious picture! Its hard to be 4.

mckenzie said...

oh buddy! :( I have a feeling we will have a similar experience this weekend. we haven't even had practice. Love that pic.

M + D said...

ahh poor guy! This pic is kinda funny... maybe wedding video someday? hehehe Way to be a supportive mom :)

Karissa Kay said...

what an adorable sad face! I love the mask. Hopefully he'll know exactly what to do at the next hunt!