Monday, April 4, 2011

Imagining what it's like to be street chic

Staying at home with little ones all day isn't super conducive to wearing fashionable clothing. But that doesn't mean I can't imagine being in the city with heels on. One of my favorite things to follow is Elle's Street Chic blog. It documents fashion on the streets of all of the fashion hubs. The styles range from conservative and classic to bold and bizarre. Whatever the look, it is fun to see what these fashion trailblazers are sporting.
Milan: simple and structured, I love her straight coat. I also like how Street Chic captures greasy faces and all, since these people don't expect a photo shoot when they leave the house.

New York: I love anyone who can pull off electric purple pants. She does it with ease...Oh and I love her platforms.

New York: quite conservative and classic. I love her high-waisted jeans, oversized fur collar and tall tote.

Paris: I have never been to Paris, but she is how I imagine Parisiens look.

Paris: This is not just a pop of color. The amazing color of her coat is perfectly balanced by camel accessories.

Paris: I love her bag, coat and the color of her shoes. The camera feels forced to me. :-)

Milan: So can we be matchy-matchy again already? She looks so feminine and there is that fabulous color again in a warmer tone.

New York: Loving the pleats again, in metallic this time.

Do you like any of these looks?


Belle said...

Beautiful coats. These clothes make me wish I was young again!

mckenzie said...

Yes, all of them. I agree with the camera though. I really like the two tones of camel and the bright red/coral.

Trisha said...

I love matchy-matchy. Maybe I just like her sandals and the pleated skirt. I love the rolled cuff blue pants with the heels. I'm not so chic, but I like looking at it! I follow the sartorialist too.

nancy said...

I like the first picture best and the oversized fur collar next!