Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg hunting

As promised, I have photos of our weekend egg hunts and while poor in quality (no 5k yet = no cool camera like the rest of you have... oh, and I am not a good photographer), they capture the point. The kids participated in the ward Easter egg hunt on Saturday and then our family Easter egg hunt on Sunday so there were lots of eggs to be had.

I was so concerned that Ethan would not wear that handsome yellow polo shirt and tan slacks to the Easter party. He absolutely refuses to wear anything that does not have a dinosaur/ball/bike/automobile/superhero/skull on it. I was a little disappointed but laughed when he lined up next to the other 4-year-olds  pre-hunt. I am already that embarrassing mom! 
Ethan had a ball, thank goodness! I told him to go his own way instead of following the other kids. Good lifelong advice, if you ask me :-).
Ruby was more interested in seeing what was inside each egg, than in locating more of them.
We had another egg hunt at our house Sunday.
Note the Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt he picked out because of the "skeleton," which he says is mean. Should I be worried? At least Ruby looked Easter appropriate in a dress my good friend Val made for her before she moved to Texas. Isn't it darling?
We had a wonderful Easter, and though it is not documented in photos, we were fed spiritually as well as physically. I hope yours was just as good.


mckenzie said...

What is it with these picky boys? Ruby you look fabulous.

Outnumbered said...

i think all boys love skulls. not sure why. they both are seriously too cute! I'm glad Ethan got more than two eggs this time!

Valerie said...

Ruby looks adorable in that dress. I'm so glad I got to see her in it even if it's only in photos. Makes me want to sew on for Scar.
Also my girls have that blue and white top with the white shorts also. So cute.