Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From loathe to love

I used to be a closet HGTV hater. I loathe those shows where they have like $100 to spend or only a day to complete a room makeover so the end products look pretty rotten. OK, I will admit, they look better than anything I could create, but still, the finishes always looked cheap and forced. That said, I would still turn to HGTV sometimes if there was nothing else on TV.

And then I discovered House Hunters (especially the international variety!) and Property Virgins and I enjoyed watching people find a home they loved. Then one day, I stumbled upon Sarah's House and  relished watching the process as she bought a home, envisioned it in her amazing style, gutted it and made it beautiful.

While I watched Selling New York Online the other day, I clicked on Secrets from a Stylist, since the show's host, Emily Henderson, seems quite stylish. Guess what? She is!

On her show, Emily interviews a couple that would like their space remodeled, then diagnoses what their two styles are. She then combines their styles using a layered decorating technique and changes the look - and especially the feel - of their rooms. While some of the rooms are not necessarily my style, I think she does an amazing job of pulling an eclectic look together. I would love to have that ability!

Anyway, I promise HGTV isn't paying me anything :-). I just am really enjoying it lately.


Artsy Aut said...

Im glad youve come around to HGTV. I LOVE house hunters! Its pretty much a pointless show, but I love it! And Selling New York is so great. Maybe we should get our real estate licenses and Sell DC! We can dress gaudy and think super highly of ourselves!

Kera said...

i love Sarah's House, Selling NY, HH International, & Dear Genevive.

the rutledge's- said...

Meg- I stumbled upon one of these shows (I think this one was actually in LA) but I was glued to it. So interesting! And that jacket your Aunt made...love it! Good luck on the 5k, I know you will rock it. And p.s. are you coming to visit me or what?