Wednesday, May 4, 2011

 A while back, Ethan saw a photo of a Ferris wheel and turned to me and said, "I want to do that." I promised that he would get that chance sometime, but that there were no Ferris wheels in the immediate vicinity and he would have to be patient until the county fair at the end of the summer. But as 4-year-olds often do, he persisted in asking again and again if he could ride it.
He reminded me of myself as a child, wanting so badly to experience that enormous rotating wheel and that feeling of being so high above everything. I vaguely remember my first ride at the Cache County Fair and I can imagine it was with my mom, but I am not positive.

Skip forward a couple of decades to Saturday evening. We spent a good portion of the day weeding our back patio and we were in need of some wood chips and top soil. I was also in need of some Chick Fil A (fancy that). So we headed down to the funniest little mall in our area, Landmark Mall, which is located close to a Home Depot and happens to have my favorite fried chicken joint in its food court (which is the busiest store in that mall, I would bet).

As we pulled around the mall Saturday, Ethan yelled those words again, "I want to do that!" I looked up to see a huge Ferris wheel (and little fair) in the mall parking lot. We were tired and had things to accomplish so at first, we told him no. I ran inside to get the food and while I waited in line for my sandwich, I got a text from Ryan. "Ethan really wants to go on a ride," it said. I had secretly been itching to go as well. "Shall we?" I responded and when I went outside, my family met me at the gate. Ryan tried to talk Ethan out of his Ferris Wheel ride since he could enjoy two other rides for the same amount of fair tickets. But Ethan had one goal in mind and that was to conquer that Ferris wheel.
So he did.
Insert comment about leggy Dutch woman here.

Our views may have been less than stellar...
and at one point I did start to feel a little motion sick
But Ethan smiled the entire time.


Brooke said...

Love ferris wheels and LOVE the Aggie shirt he's wearing. =)

Belle said...

How wonderful for Ethan; a dream come true!

rachel said...

I thought you were talking about yourself when you were referring to the leggy dutch woman. You look cute!

mckenzie said...

love that story. makes me happy.

Kera said...

i would totally frame that first ferris wheel picture. so cute.

this story was really cute. way to be a cool mom.