Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Farewell to Discovery

 Today we watched the space shuttle Discovery on its final flight. Piggybacked on a jumbo jet, the spacecraft circled the Washington, D.C. area a few times so we could bid it, and the space shuttle program, farewell.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to Ethan that the newly-retired shuttle would be making a fly-over. Every morning since then, he has asked if that day was day of the flight. This morning I gave him the option to go to preschool instead of seeing the shuttle. He loves preschool but he wasn't about to pass this up. I, too, was looking forward to this. I can't necessarily call myself a space nerd, but, as discussed here before, I am fascinated by the what lies beyond this world, beyond my comprehension.

So we braved the traffic and crowds at Gravelly Point (our go-to plane-watching spot adjacent to Reagan National Airport) in order to partake in that historic moment.

Oh, and here's a gratuitous photo of my crazy floral jeans. On the days I wear these, I have to really talk myself into it. :-)


rachel said...

You are out of control! I applaud you.

Emilie said...

You're lucky to live somewhere to be able to see stuff like this. Your kids, if they remember this when they're older, will be grateful. You're a fun mom to take them to see it. :)

mckenzie said...

Love your floral jeans.

Valerie said...

You can totally pull off those jeans. I on the other hand would just look crazy. Love your style Meg!