Thursday, April 19, 2012

Faux fair... a year later

Last year we ended up at this fake little fair in the mall parking lot. When Ethan spotted the ferris wheel from the road last week, he begged to go again and we just couldn't resist those rusty old rides. So we had a re-run of last year (I was even wearing the same shirt!), though this time, Ruby wanted to join me and Ethan on the wheel. Motion sickness-prone Ryan opted out again.  

The kids had a blast. After one go-round on my lap, Ruby insisted on sitting by herself in the bucket. I could tell she felt like such a big girl, which was good since she wasn't tall enough to do anything else at the little mini fair. Ethan, on the other hand, had barely enough inches on him to ride the rickety old Magic Carpet and somehow got Ryan to take him on it. At this point, Ruby and I had left the fair and made a beeline toward the Chic-Filet in the mall food court so I didn't get photos, but if you ask Ryan, he will tell you he feared for his life on that ride. Ethan will tell you that it was awesome. 


rachel said...

A. You should print and frame that first picture, it is AWESOME!
B. Love your outfit.
C. My family always makes a point to stop at random fairs.
D. Getting excited to see you...

nancy said...

I loved that you remembered what you wore last year.