Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hate and leggings

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My mom always told the child version of me that I shouldn't ever hate anyone.

"You don't hate her, you just dislike what she is doing," she said one time after I screamed those three lovely words at my sister. That made me angry at the time but if you really think about it, her little lecture makes perfect sense.

So I try to apply this to my everyday life. I don't hate DMV employees; I just dislike when they make me cry. I don't hate cab drivers; I just dislike it when I almost crash into the back of them after they stop. Completely. On the freeway.

I believe there is at least a tiny bit of good in everyone, even if you will never actually behold it. So you shouldn't hate them.

And so it is with clothes, I decided last night. I thought I hated Crocs until I had a child. The truth is, those holy shoes made of mystery material are just perfect for a toddler running around on a hot summer day. Now my kid doesn't own a pair of traditional Crocs and I throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I see an adult wearing them, but I have recently found hidden value in Crocs.

This brings me to leggings. Leggings and me got off to a bad start. When they first came out all I saw were little tweens with mid-calf black spandex under denim mini-skirts. I decided that leggings were a serious fashion blunder and hoped they would soon disappear off the skinny legs of adolescents. But they didn't. And they started showing up on mommies who realized they could now wear short dresses and skirts if they just put leggings underneath them. A few of them sort of pulled it off.

But the other day I saw a cute girl who had some leggings with substance on. They had a chunkier knit, more like stretchy pants and less like cropped tights. She paired them with slouchy boots and a tunic sweater. I saw her and saw the good in leggings. I became a tardy fan of leggings ... I think. Your thoughts on leggings?

Pictured above: Marc Jacobs boots, Forever21 leggings and Target sweater dress


Melanie Williams said...

yeah, I'm also a little late on the leggings trend. I am warming up then and will probably get around to wearing them right when they are gong out of style again.

I bought two pairs the other day but I'm scared to wear them .

Melanie Williams said...

ps... maybe this will change but I still 'hate' slouchy boots.

Katy said...

I love leggings when they are paired with the right clothes and shoes. I haven't dared wear them yet because I don't have the right things to go with them but if I did I would wear them. I really like the outfit you have posted. So cute!

mckenzie said...

I like them but I think my short fat legs would not agree.

rachel said...

So funny, Did you read this article on leggings in the SL Trib today?

Candyce Lewis said...

I am totally with you on this one. I love the chunky leggings... if you decide to get some try Target first. Cheap and super chunky cute.

Suzy Tranter said...

Man you're good...two blogs! You and your family are so cute! It will be good to keep in touch this way...I think I'll be better at this as well!

P.S. I love leggings!

Anonymous said...

I can only do a trend once and then it's gone man!

Paul or Lindsay said...

K-I'm cracking up because I feel the exact same way about Crocs and Leggings. Sabrina has crocs, but I REFUSE to wear weird plastic shoes if I'm not a nurse. I tried leggings about 2 years ago, but felt that I didn't have the calf muscles to pull them off. I also decided it was sort of a "quarter-life crisis" move on my part to still be young. Both my girls do have leggings though and they're adorable.

Kera said...

hope you don't mind me stopping by from time to time.
crocs on tiny children = practical, semi cute even, good.

crocs on adults = clown feet, hate so very much, bad

leggings = not to be worn everyday in replacement of jeans and normal pants, can be cute and fun once in a while. Just because they are stretchy does not mean they fit or are flattering so if your about 75 lbs overweight, steer a bit clear of the leggings. Just a thought.

Nan said...

I even tried on a pair of crocs thinking I must be missing something. So ugly! But the twins have "fake" ones and I love them.

You young hip mommies can pull off the leggings but some moms need to quit living their middle school years all over again.

Love the chunky tights. Kohls has a huge variety.