Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's follow up a bad Etsy post with a good Etsy post

I have been wanting to buy original paintings now for quite some time. I found The Mincing Mockingbird on Etsy and wish I had a couple hundred dollars to spend on one of these pieces of art. I like them because I am a fan of birds. But the thing I LOVE about them is the names this artist has given each painting. Here is a sample:

"Will You Please Put Down That US Magazine And Listen To Me"

"Questions Carefully Designed To Discover What Your Problem Is"

"A Financially Unstable Mess, But At the Liquor Store They Call Me Ma'am"

"Confronting The Incomprehensible As A Way To Stave Off Boredom"


mckenzie said...

i like the first one best

Kipp and Ashlee said...

Those are such creative and hilarious titles! I will donate $2 to your painting fund (yes, I've started a fund for you).

rachel said...

I like: "You Will Give Me Your Rumpus Room To Use" and "Can I get a who who?" and "Whom"

Artsy Aut said...

These are so cute! Ive been inspired, I may have to start painting birds

Candyce Lewis said...

Hey Megan! Your blog is super cute, Love it. I also love Etsy AND birds. Keep posting I love it!