Monday, November 3, 2008

Your place to buy and sell all things hideous

Sure, we have all found some seriously amazing stuff on Etsy. There will be many blog posts to come regarding purchases from this online handmade heaven. But in my quests for homespun gifts, I often come across thumbnail photos of some pretty unsightly stuff. It takes sudden finger paralysis for me not to click on them and see them in all of their dreadful glory.

I would never attempt to sell anything on Etsy, most likely because my creations would probably turn out looking something like the following:

Someone broke into my grandma's house, stole something she made at enrichment night 30 years ago and is selling it for $25.Perfect for an evening out to the Tibetan Plateau.
Can someone tell me what a sofa patch is?
Speechless (or typeless)
Abominable fashion faux pas or abominable snowman?
In case you couldn't find this at the nearest Wet Seal.And finally, my favorite Etsy item: For only $55 you can transform your child from darling to seriously disturbing.


Brandy & Corey said...

You are way too funny! I love reading your new blog! And totally agree with you on all those items for sale at Etsy! I think I might spring for that hat gets pretty cold here in the winter!

mckenzie said...

oh meg! genius!

rachel said...

I believe your "speechless" item is a diagram of a cell. I wish I could have bought something like this back in 8th grade for my science class project. I had to use boring old candy to construct my cell.

Erica said...

I am dying laughing! On every single one of those items I found myself saying outloud, "What the hell!" Serious, typeless as well!!!

Lincs and Ali said...

What are you talking about!? I can't believe you don't know what a sofa patch is. I use them all the time!

Jk. Thanks for making me laugh today! Loved the post.

Paul or Lindsay said...

K- So glad you have this blog! I am laughing really hard at this post...still. I think I may start my own blog to post my random thoughts as I am not sure I want posterity to see them.

P.S. I love the idea that not only would someone knit a bikini top, but they own a manequin to put it on to advertise. Does that strike you as a little creepy?

Kipp and Ashlee said...

Well then, I suppose I will just be canceling my Tibetan Plateau purchase now that you have slandered it.

The Redhead Bunch said...

I am loving your new blog! Fabulous-not surprising coming from you!