Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy late Easter!

We had a great Easter. Ryan's mom was in town and so we went all out. Ryan planned an Easter egg hunt.
Ethan loved it. He ate so many jelly beans that he ran laps inside of our apartment all morning.
He said the most hilarious stuff all day. During church later that afternoon, he spit his gum into his hand, gave it to me and said, "This is ridiculous!"
Later, we were watching the Master's and some guy made a great shot. "I can't even believe it!" Ethan exclaimed

Ryan changed Ethan's stinky diaper that night and Ethan pointed down there and said, "This is my ridiculous poop." It was pretty ridiculous... but I'm wondering if he has ridiculous and disgusting mixed up.


mckenzie said...

i love that he uses ridiculous. that's so your word.

rachel said...

That is great, I've noticed Ryan says ridiculous quite a bit!

Outnumbered said...

haha! i miss ethan!