Friday, April 17, 2009

Your place to buy and sell all things hideous: Part II

I have to admit something. I felt kind of bad after posting my first installment making fun of Etsy's less-than-fabulous items. I guess part of me thinks that those who use their God-given ability to create should be praised, not ridiculed. And to work up the courage to actually try to sell their creations on the World Wide Web means a couple of things: 1. they have serious guts and, unfortunately, 2. they believe their handiwork is awesome. I'm not disagreeing with that completely. Some of these people are quite skilled. They probably just need someone or something to channel their talents into concocting more appealing items. Maybe that's not their goal. I don't know.

I do know that it's rude of me - a non-creator - to jab at people who put their work out there.

But I can't help it. As an Etsy frequenter, I just see too much bad stuff to not share it with other people. So here goes:

Your little girl will hug and kiss you when she receives this doll, complete with highly-touted "vintage button eyes" for her birthday! Yeah, it's a doll.
I said some were skilled - not all.

And another from the toy showcase... Scare your children to sleep with what the seller calls the "Albino snug."
My mother could not.
Because we don't wear flip-flops to keep our feet cool...
Is it wrong of me to post this photo on my family-friendly blog? Or do you think it is more wrong that I think this is really hilarious but also kind of cool? If you are an adult female (no males allowed) and want to see what else this seller might have to offer (if you ever fantasized that you were Princess Leia when you were little... or yesterday), click here.
(Sorry, Ryan told me to remove the link to this last Etsy seller page since it's kind of racy. You can probably search for it on Etsy using the terms "metal" and "bra.")


mckenzie said...

okay so mom and i just about peed our pants laughing so hard. lots and lots of tears. we couldn't even breathe. genius! mom says it's naughty. i disagree.

Brooke said...

It's a doll?? On what planet is that a doll?

Karissa Kay said...


Outnumbered said...

ha! those are horrible!!! and the metal bra? totally own one!


i ran across this kid today selling things like belly button pancakes:[]=tags&includes[]=title

JEM said...

I love that your husband is your editor, too. I can't tell you how many times my husband has gently urged me to remove a swear word or not to post a questionable link. Damn goodie-goodies. Trying to keep us respectable.

藍正龍Blue said...

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