Monday, February 7, 2011

The dunes

Yes, this is another post from August. I am just trying to catch up here in my own way (slowly). Anyway, one of my favorite activities from our end-of-summer Outer Banks trip, was playing at the sand dunes. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. It was so worth finding sand in odd places for a few following days. :-)

In a blunder of Elaine Bennis Christmas card proportions, I posted a photo here of me crashing that turned out to be a little risque, though naively so. Thanks to a friend, who clicked on said photo and realized it showed a little more than she bargained for, I was alerted and I deleted the photo from the post. I apologize, if you too, zoomed in on the photo and saw a little too much of me. I guess I should examine my own photos a little more before I let the world see them. ;-O


Belle said...

I would love to try that!

nancy said...

Hi Meg!
This makes me want warm weather. And will you come home and be my stylist?

Julie said...

so much for family friendly;)