Friday, February 11, 2011

Ethan's first day of school... 150 days later

And I am finally blogging about it :-).
Ethan began preschool in September. He has loved every day of it... at least I think so. On school days he gets ready quickly and runs right into class, so that's how I know it's not too bad. He doesn't tell me much, unlike another little girl in his class, who runs home to her mom and tells her every little detail about each kid and what they did that day. I would always ask him questions like, "What did you do today? What did you play with? Who did you play with?" I realized I was becoming redundant when he climbed into the car one day and, without me asking, said "I played with toys, cars and trucks, Noah and Simon."

I used to feel bad about this lack of information, but I am used to it by now since it has been going on for five months. I have been able to go with him and help in preschool a couple of times so I am not completely in the dark. Anyway, it seems to be a success.

Speaking of talking kids, this (found via Random Thoughts About Random Things) is hilarious:

Sidenote: Ethan looks so young in this photo. It's crazy how fast these kids grow. I will have to post more current photos soon.


Julie said...

i can't believe how little he looks in that picture, our kids are growing up way to fast! Next year when theya re in class together I will have elliot give a full report of what Ethan has been up too. :)

mckenzie said...

i'm gonna take...your...birthday...stuff!

Outnumbered said...

it must be a boy thing. ashton has never come home and told me any details without a little prying on my part. :) Also, where are they going to preschool? I need to find one for Tal in the fall.

Belle said...

It is so nice when children like to go to school. I loved the video - very funny!