Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hawaii outfits

My mom and dad have gotten into the habit of going to Hawaii every March. Each year my mom tells me that my dad won the trip. I'm starting to think my dad is either really lucky or my mom doesn't want me to feel bad that they are not inviting me to Hawaii with them. For the record, I don't feel bad. I do feel jealous.

Anyway, when my mom told me they were going earlier this month, she mentioned that she needed advice on what to wear. I love to give clothing advice (although I don't usually look like I should be giving clothing advice. One day... when I have unlimited funds and time...). So I have a few options (in a few installments) for warm climate vacation outfits. These are just ideas of what I would like to wear to Hawaii and she might have to make small tweaks to make each outfit age appropriate. But I think she could pull it all off.

Clockwise from top left: Sandpiper sierra blouse, Cooperative straw boater hat, BDG slub terry military jacket, Dot to Dot studs, Ringer bermudas, Jeffrey Campbell caprice (Ryan, I want these for my birthday... yes, I am that blatant)

Mom, I think you could wear all of these things. Ok, maybe not the hat. I love a boxy top with a fitted bottom. I would wear the jacket open. I think this outfit looks easy and fun.

Clockwise from top left: Know the ropes necklace, Extended shirt dress, Raw edge floral scarf, Cooperative canvas bucket bag, Cooperative suede t-strap sandal, Urban Renewal narrow leather belt (in any of those colors)

Mom, I like the scarf over her hair but I don't see you wearing it that way. You could wear it loosely around your neck and it would still look cute. This outfit seems so comfortable to me.

Clockwise from top left: Wink necklace, super sunglasses ciccio frames, Silk blythe blouse, Cooperative straw boater hat, Lockwood satchel, Ecote braided mini-wedge sandal, Eureka cargo skirt

Mom, I can see you wearing this entire outfit... except that hat ;-). I would like wearing all of these pink/blush shades together. The necklace is playful, yet sooo subtle.

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For some reason I struggled finding an abundance of swimwear that I loved. I think this is quite normal for me actually, but maybe swim pieces will be easier to find (and love) in the next month or two. Until then, this works.

Hope this is to your liking, Mom. I will post again soon with more outfit ideas (clearly this is more for me than her). ;-)


mckenzie said...

i want that skirt and the shoes too. i want to go to hawaii.

Outnumbered said...

i love that cargo skirt! i was admiring it on the anthropologie website yesterday. Not sure I can pull off the raspberry color, but it is oh so pretty!

Here's a hard one that I've been trying to figure out for the past few months: family photos for the 5 of us

NMMaughan said...

Thank-you Megan!

Belle said...

I love red and white together. Great clothes!

JJ said...

Can I copy you?

Artsy Aut said...

Can I just pretend you did this for me too? Im loving your ideas. Most days I just wear yoga pants from Costco. Keep the Hawaii ideas coming! I need it!

LuAnn said...

I love these outfits you put together, Megan! You have such a talent. Really.

favoritenic said...

megan, do you style men's outfits as well as you style women's?

if so, i may have to hire you as my personal stylist someday when i give that european tour people are always asking me about...air-fare and rooms included in your pay, for sure!


favoritenic said...

i'm glad ryan liked the ads.

too bad we can't have cousin-bonding time over tweed suits and silk ties. guess it's a good thing we had our imaginations and a sand-pile to help foster our friendship. also a good thing i've got a roommate with a subscription to GQ. i'll have to keep reading it. ;)

best. tell your cute fam hi!