Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unique in no way, shape or form

If you have ever gone to a party or class and were asked to introduce yourself and say something unique about yourself and you began to sweat because you had absolutely no defining characteristic or story that set you apart from anybody, believe me, I know how you feel. I am so insanely normal - especially in Mormon settings. I am a blonde stay-at-home mom with a penchant for clothing and pretty housewares and things. I like to read, shop, sew, swim and one of my favorite hobbies is to socialize. I only speak English and I am currently ignoring my children. And in this little introduction of myself, I just vaguely described about half of all Mormon mommy bloggers on the Web this very minute.

So in college I realized that I did actually have something... well let me restate that; I hadn't had something that almost everyone else I met had. I had never had a cavity. I discovered this while playing a game of "I have never," and ever since then, it's been my go-to "unique" charactistic. I know, it's not much to go off of, but it's all I've got.

Before my visit to the dentist this morning, I prepared myself for letting go of this "no-cavity" title. After all, this was my first trip to the dentist in more than three years and my first teeth cleaning in six. My teeth were scraped and sprayed and picked and when the dentist came in at the end of the (2-hour) appointment and looked at my x-rays, he told me I was still cavity free! I was elated, mainly because that meant that I wouldn't have to come back and get anything filled. But I also felt happy to still be able to tout my tenacious enamel.

Then the doctor took a look in my mouth... and ate his words.

"Ooops, you actually do have a cavity."

My heart sunk.

"It's in your wisdom tooth."

Yes, I am 26 and am still the proud owner of all four wisdom teeth. I about got them out three years ago (mentioned that appointment earlier in this post), but changed my mind (it's a long story). He found another cavity in my mouth and it was in the other top wisdom tooth. So it turns out that had I gotten those teeth taken out years ago like I should have, I would still have a perfect set of teeth.

The good in all of this is that I still do not have to have the cavities filled because I am just going to finally get my wisdom teeth pulled... next Fall... I think.

Anyway, now you know how very painfully boring all of my introductions from here on out will be.

And speaking of being different, I loved this post on Little Green Notebook, one of my very favorite blogs. Sometimes we need to just do what we love, and stop thinking about what sets us apart.


Jason said...

never forget that you resemble a doozer, that sets you apart!

Julie said...

that was from me not jason

mckenzie said...


JJ said...

you live a charmed life :-)

Chelsea said...

I think you're unique in a number of ways...you have a uniquely charming and endearing personality, you're self-effacing in a uniquely humorous (and again, endearing) way, you're uniquely kind-hearted, you're uniquely able to always look so cute and fashionable without spending lots of money on your wardrobe. Whatever you may think, I see you as a very unique person in lots of very nice ways, even if they aren't the ways that easy to brag about it group settings ;)

rachel said...

Wait, you didn't get your wisdom teeth out between the ages of 18 and 22, before you got married, while you were still on your parents health insurance just like the rest of us fabric loving, stay-at-home-mom's? At least you spell you name with an h! That's original.

rachel said...

I think you're having an identity crisis because TAMN stopped blogging. You have unconsciously filled in for her this month.