Thursday, March 4, 2010

All by myself

I hear the term "all by myself" several times each day. When Ethan pulls his underpants up. When he climbs on the birthday bike that is much too tall for him (should have given it to him next year). When he puts his shoes on.

His recent surge of independence has rubbed off on me a little bit.

During the crazy snowstorms (or at the least the ones we had power in) I became determined to sew a skirt. I bought the pattern a long time ago and I think I have just been too chicken to try it. The pattern is not advanced, rather I am such a novice. In fact, I had never made any item of clothing without the physical help of someone else before until I made this skirt. That's right. I did it ALL BY MYSELF.

Well, OK, so I researched on the Internet and called my mom about a few things. And, in true Megan fashion, I ignored both of my mother's pointers and now I am kicking myself for being so lazy and vain.

The first piece of advice my mother had was to wash my fabric before I cut it out. I know what you are thinking and I really did know that washing the fabric was the first step before my mum told me. It's just that I wanted to start THAT NIGHT and I had put off laundering the fabric the night before since I had already plopped down on the couch with the remote in my hand after throwing the kids in bed and I was pooped and that laundry room is TWO DOORS DOWN! So I told her the skirt wouldn't get dirty because I would only wear it to church. You know how this story ends: Ruby thinks it is funny to throw up all over everything and she saves her nastiest smelling, white curdled stuff for things that are labeled DRY CLEAN ONLY.

Anyway, my mom's second admonishion was to make the skirt in a size 12. I saw the measurements on the pattern and knew that I wouldn't be able to fit in a size 6, but surely I wouldn't be a size 12. That sizing chart must be ancient, I thought. So I made a 10. And now I worry every time I sit down in the thing that it will rip since it feels a little too tight. Oh well. I wore it to church anyway and advised people to keep their distance. If you look too closely at the zipper or front tabs you can tell it is my first abm skirt (note the absense of any close up photos. Too bad since the buttons are these fabulous bronze flowers).

It was a lot of fun to make and I think it turned out pretty cute.

In other news, I thought this was awesome. Thanks for the enjoyment, siblings.


Valerie said...

Sophia says the same thing all day long.
Anyways I thought the skirt looked fabulous the Sunday you wore it. I even told you I thought you had bought it at a store. It didn't look like a novice sewing project. It's way cute. I might have to attempt one after the pregnancy.

Julie said...

Elliot too, and you are amazing I can't wait to see it in person.

Anonymous said...

You did such a great job!!!!

Erica said...

okay i want one of these. serious. you did such an amazing job. and i am in love with the color!
in all honesty i would pay you to make me one. serious.

Artsy Aut said...

Holy Cow! I cant believe you made that! I love it. Good work!!

Kera said...

totally wish i was talented. good job. SO cute.

JEM said...

Smokin' hot. Love the bright yellow. I think it's funny how things always look so musty and matronly in the pics on the patterns of things, but then someone like you gets a hold of it and ... SHAZAAAM!!!

mckenzie said...

I would have done the exact same things which is why I'm not on project runway. It looks super cute. I want one now.