Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunshine on his shoulders

The other day at the park I looked at my Ethan and thought, My kid is starting to look a little bit like John Denver circa 1984.

And this is not the first time he has born such a resemblance...

Ethan has always had a lot of hair and when it gets long enough and has just the right amount of wave it creates the illusion of an old school football helmet on his noggin. I wouldn't let it get this long but cutting Ethan's hair requires thick skin and really strong arms. It's an all out screamfest/battle and I avoid it at all costs.

So I mentioned Ethan's likeness to the 80's folk/country singer to Ryan the other day and he took swift action. He talked about how Ethan could look "just like Dad" if he could just sit still and not think about the buzzing all around his head. Pretty hard for a 3-year-old to do. So we turned on Ratatoille and Ryan went to work with the clippers. And to our surprise Ethan never even made a peep. He is still living in opposite-of-mommy-world, but I am seeing him grow up so much and I feel so lucky that he is my boy.

Coming up: Will Ethan like the new look hairstylist Ryan gave him? Stayed tuned for tomorrow's post.

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Outnumbered said...

That really is a striking resemblance. Tal is the same way with hair cuts. His hair is getting way too long, and on the verge of mulleting so I guess we will have to buck up and buy some earplugs.