Friday, March 12, 2010

Ruby Red Baby Shower


Four weeks before Ruby made her debut, my friends threw me a Ruby Red Shower! Only at the time we did not believe we had four weeks left. At that point I was already really dilated and on bed rest (for only a week) so at the last minute we decided to have the party at my place. Some gals came over the night before and decorated like crazy. You wouldn't believe the conversation between me, JB and RA at midnight after those girls blew up at least 100 balloons with their own lungs. Boy was it out there.

Truthfully, I love everyone who threw and attended this shower. Each one of those ladies is so amazing in so many ways. It was a fabulous soiree and I feel so lucky to be in such good company out here.
















Thanks Melissa Smith, for taking such great photos. Sorry if I used some that you deemed less than perfect. You are amazing!

And yes, that red pear on the couch is me.


Erica said...

okay... this made me miss you guys so much. what an amazing, darling shower. i SO miss you guys!

Cory said...

That looked like an amazing shower you must have great friends out their in DC! What a creative way to welcome Ruby into the world.

rachel said...

That shower will definitely go down in history!

Kera said...

you do have some fabulous friends! what a cute idea.

what kind of bag is that and where did they get it?

Katy said...

Such a cute shower! That's one of the things I miss about living outside of Utah...the friends. I made some of the best friends I'll ever have in Washington.

Chelsea said...

I love the post on the Rubster and getting to know a bit more about her little personality. She sounds (and of course looks) like a doll. This shower was too adorable and I have to echo what Erica really made me miss the Virginia crew. At least it looks like you ladies are still having lots of fun :)

Julie said...

ain't no party like a VA Party. oh the fun that we had and all those balloons and I also remember getting shushed repeatedly by Ryan as he watched Jordan (on tv)get inducted into the hall of fame. That night was hilarious and the party was awesome.

JEM said...

that baby shower looks totally HOTTT. well done, megan's friends.