Monday, March 1, 2010

First birthday party on his third birthday

Last year at around this time, my friend Catherine and I laughed about how neither of us had thrown our boys a birthday party yet. They had both just turned 2 (2 days apart) then and we had yet to invite people outside of our families to celebrate. So we decided that when they turned 3, we would throw a crazy birthday party together. We planned this bash for early February, sent e-mail invitations out and then got working on a serious superhero birthday party. And then came Snowmaggedon (snowstorms are such a novelty out here that they receive names), so we rescheduled the party. And then Snowverkill hit (more on both of these blizzards later). We realized that the church parking lot was covered in several feet of snow and were asked to reschedule again. So, two weeks after our initial party date, Andrew and Ethan finally got a birthday party.

We made capes for all of the kids. They then decorated the capes with sticky felt. They wore themselves out in the gym.

My fabulous friend Lindi took these photos:

Thanks to Catherine (for doing basically everything), Lindi (for being there when we needed you and taking awesome photos), Jason B. (for letting us hold this at the church), Rachel (for holding everyone's babies) and everyone else who helped out with this party!


Melissa said...

How cute is that!?!? That looks like a blast! And I can't BELIEVE Andrew is that big, I seriously did not recognize him at all. I wish I could have seen him and Catherine, I haven't seen them for ages! Awesome idea with the superheroes and capes, you guys are so creative. Baby shower photos on the way...I'm just slow! (clearly...)

mckenzie said...

looks like it was a blast! wish we could have participated.

Susan said...

What a wonderful superhero birthday looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that it turned out so well!