Sunday, March 28, 2010

Full Saturday

On Saturday we strolled down to the National Mall to see the cherry blossoms around the tidal basin and we ran into the kite festival. This happens every year. We always happen upon the kite festival on our way to the cherry blossoms. We were mad at ourselves for forgetting for the third year in a row. Ethan wished he had taken his Spiderman kite but he was more than thrilled to see everyone else's Spiderman kites.

We did make the trek down to the tidal basin but the blossoms are still very young and light. I am hoping to take the kids back later this week when the flowers become very pink and they start to snow down on you as you walk under them.

It was a chilly day and Ruby spent it tucked inside the stroller. I felt kind of bad she was missing out on all the action but she didn't seem to mind.

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I kept sucking air as Ethan leaned over the railing because I would be the one jumping in after him. Ryan doesn't worry... or swim.
We rushed back home, got ready, left the kids with our friends and headed off to the Utah Jazz game at the Verizon Center. We felt naked without strollers and I made a conscious goal to not rock back and forth without a baby in my arms. But we forgot all about Ryan Jr. and little Ru once the game started. The Jazz won and we found friends to enjoy some Tangy Sweet with. Then we went home and passed out. It was a great day.
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rachel said...

Good thing Ryan has long arms.

mckenzie said...

what is tangy sweet?

Anonymous said...

It looks so fun!

Brandy, Corey & Charly said...

what a fun day! i seriously wish sometimes that there were cool things here to do! all we have is summerfest...